Unfulfilled Need: Open Source NoSQL Content Management System

Open source content management systems like WordPress and Drupal have become an integral part of the web infrastructure. The MySQL-based open source content management systems power government, corporate and small business sites, feeding a small industry of theme designers, web developers and system integrators. Still, as much as MySQL-powered content management systems are popular, they have scale limitations. Here comes NoSQL.

NoSQL market is booming. Currently there is an unfulfilled need in NoSQL CMS to power large scale web projects. To be widely adopted the future NoSQL CMS should be:

  • open source
  • simple and user friendly
  • low learning curve experience
  • sufficiently eventually consistent.

Though there is a plenty of NoSQL platforms that can be customized into CMS, none of the current NoSQL platforms meet the demands of simplicity, user friendliness and low learning curve experience.